30 Years of Experience

Indiana Building Systems Company Profile

A History of Quality

Content Manager Image Indiana Building Systems is a well-known and respected company. Having built more than 25,000 homes in the last 30 years, Indiana Building Systems has consistently maintained a policy of continuous improvement and innovative design. The company stresses high quality in-plant construction and provides onsite assistance for the builder until the units are completely erected. This combination insures complete job quality and on time completion.

All of our homes are built with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. The construction in progress in the factory is protected from wear, warping, and damage caused by elements and the framing of floors, walls and roof assemblies are done with precision instruments and steel fixtures. Our factory-squared panels assure plumb walls with windows and doors that fit and open precisely, and we use brand name building materials in construction. We incorporate a wide variety of panelized components, like porches, dormers and bay windows, adding to the architectural appeal of the building. Indiana Building Systems products are built with quality, name-brand materials by a highly skilled work force.

Indiana Building Systems has an abundance of experience designing, customizing and constructing factory built-homes for many Midwest states: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.